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‘Make it Tsunami’: My Pussy Is The Revolution

By Ruby Woo The morning after: I am laying in bed, still (on a) high, listening to Crown Royal, thinking about the epicness that was last night. Oh last night? … Continue reading

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HOLAA! Loves Sex Workers: An Interview with Cam-Girl Kenya Golden

What is the cam girl industry? Tell us more about what you do Webcam modeling is basically virtual sex work. From the comfort of my own place, I am able … Continue reading

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Sexual Rights Centre Visual Arts Project

The Sexual Rights Centre is a human rights advocacy organisation based in Bulawayo. They work directly with sex workers and members of the  LGBTI community. They are unapologetic about their … Continue reading

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HOLAA On The Hush: Secrets of African Women Pt:II

To submit a secret anonymously click here: For Part I of the gallery click here for Part III of the gallery click here

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Osunality: African LGBTI Female body and the Erotic (Photo essay)

Osunality: A term coined by Nkiru Nzegwu. A Pleasure principle at the heart of creative energy which is metaphorically referred to as Osun’s Honey. She calls it Osunality. When people … Continue reading

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Celebrating the Freak: Images of Two Township Genderqueers

Luciano and Lunga are biological boys living in Alex and Tembisa. They identify as both male and female. While the way they express their gender and their sexual orientation could … Continue reading

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HOLAA’S Hears: Picture Quotes

These are wisdom we have seen and heard in the form of words and attached them to pictures…which in themselves are worth a thousands words. Basically this is an ocean … Continue reading

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HOLAA On The Hush: Secrets of African Women

To submit a secret anonymously click here: for Part II of the gallery click here For Part III of the gallery click here

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