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Undeniable Woman (In Honour of 16 Days of Activism)

By Tatenda & Thandeka Bhengu

Broken to pieces
We all stand
All around us, we are … laughing
with chipped teeth and cracked smiles
filled with beauty,
Hollowed out to suit the clay.
All around us,
we break,
shards of memory
together – in – string
We are. Whole.
Smashed to little itty bitty pieces of The Undeniable

Solitudinal presence of woman
Can you hear your self breathing,
Can you feel your eyes seeing,
Can you touch your heart beating
Undeniable Woman
Alone in the nights your eyes become stars,
The breath from your lips when you sing flows like ice winds on the back of my neck
It finds me alive and leaves me solid.
The words from your mind mixed with rich sounds from inside,
melt like city lights on the edge of infinity,
a golden liquid blanketed baby breathing.
Undeniable Woman you watch the world asleep
With every heave of your chest you release watered diamonds from your soul,
soothing every fire but for the one of sorrow raging in the entity of you.
Undeniable Woman you tremble with divinity
You stand with strength lain in your trinity of beauty, spirituality and femininity
defined in the arc of your back, the rhythm of your walk and the power of compassion embedded in your palms.
The control of your quiet stance bleeds but not blood to be seen,
only the energy of ghost emotions,
love adoration belonging becoming obsessing infatuating defining
embracing warming. soul caressing.  needing yearning aching
haunting you into holes of silent screams, breathless blind
Still Undeniable Woman denied
Drilling digging wrenching finding weakness in strength defied
In spite of herself she is drowning where the betrayal of him abides
In his absence he has become the potent abuser of your weeping spirit,
The rapist of your sanity
Indulging in your need for him,
resting in your pleas for him.
While you feed to his animaled ego a desire for him.
As he takes you from yourself,
and yourself from your Self,
you become… raped
Undeniable woman you are undeniable
The ghost of yourself in the shadow of his being
undeniable here
undeniably there
yet deniably your own
Violated by a smile
Undeniable Woman Denied
Intoxicated with a kiss,
Drugged by the intensity of his stares
She waits (inside) she waits
for silence.
Threadbare, vacant thoughts,
she waits and gasps,
While her friend tells her lies
and all too hidden truths.
To this world she has become blind.
She waits,
inside her,
she waits for silence,
because without her,
in this peace
she will (or) can live.

Authors Note: This poem is a celebration of the strength , grace and beauty of African women everywhere. Always, always being strong for those around them while searching for silences and peace within themselves.

*This was re-published in honour of 16 Days of Activism 25 November – 10 December 2014

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One comment on “Undeniable Woman (In Honour of 16 Days of Activism)

  1. mbarley

    my… my… my.. i saw myself in this piece.. i saw my friend.. i saw all the women in my life.. i cant even!!! begin! and the picture… a apart of me wants to cry for these women.. another part wants to save them. and sometimes this is all they know… pain.. but they continue to smile and being strong, for them… and for those around them… stronging themsleves to death.

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