A PanAfricanist Queer Womanist Collective

The Morning After

by Kgothatso Motshele

Model: Kgothatso Motshele     Photographer: Siphumeze Khundayi

Model: Kgothatso Motshele Photographer: Siphumeze Khundayi

Two strangers brought together by chance and time

Me: a buildup of hormones and a need to let my hair down after all these heavy UCT deadlines

I knew what I was doing as I sipped on that Mainstay

Allowed myself to be your tag team partner and dance the night away

Intoxicated by your laughter, captivated by your company…

Baby I think I want to take you home with me…

…Where I’ll grace you with my touch and anoint your head with my holy waters

As we mumble and moan in tongues intertwined

Beckoning the DJ Hearts to play the beat as we keep up our bump and grind

It’s a pity the sun always has to come up and crash a good party

The morning after

You don’t have to call me later

I don’t want a goodbye kiss

But don’t you walk out the door and speak of me as anything less

Than a partner in crime who also only wanted an accomplice

To get last night’s mission accomplished

Before those same lips that were so eager and pleased to dance across my hips

Dare to mutter derogatory words like “whore” and “side chick”

Let the scratches on your back, the love bites on your neck

Remind you I am not the only one who just got did

So the morning after you strip me down and feel me up,

Don’t you dare use those same hands to point fingers at me

As if I lost any more than you did when we both got excited

By the strange familiarity of getting lost in our youth

Spare of the moments, unanticipated romance

And just because I didn’t wait for you to lie to me and tell me you loved me

It does not mean I don’t respect my body

I hope you’re not the kind of woman or man who indulges in such symbiotic pleasures of life then turns around in attempt to strip the other of their dignity and pride

Keeping the experience of celebrating and enjoying your sexuality to yourself

 I was not doing you a ‘favour’ when I invited you to share in our temporary affair

If you must know, I might also walk out the door

And your name may never cross my mind again

Because I too would have gotten what I came there for /

A woman’s body is not the clear floor for the spirit of the other

To dance all around and over

While she lays passive and apologetic about her desires

So when you change the way you look at her the morning after

Remember it takes two to tango

And as you might recall

She loves to dance as much as you do

And though she may have seemed to be so eager to please

Never get it twisted

A woman loves to dance for herself too

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