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Being a sex worker means we are at war.

By B

Kenya Madaraka Day

What does being a sex worker mean in Zimbabwe?

It means you are always in trouble with the police, you always have to run away when you see them. This is very painful because the police are meant to be protecting us , but they call us names , sometimes names which are not nice like ‘ uriwure’ or sifebe.
Being a sex worker in Zimbabwe means I am the one who get to be accused of spreading HIV and AIDS  by the police  while in actual fact they are the ones who take condoms away from us sex workers, and use them as evidence that I am sex working.
Being a sex worker is MY JOB, I am very responsible, I use protection, I don’t spread HIV .
As a sex worker sometimes clients make it difficult for me to enjoy my job. They refuse to pay, they are abusive , they work with the police sometimes tip off the police to follow us especially when we going to be working in the alleys.
Being a sex worker means we are at war, at war with the police , at war with difficult clients and at war trying to survive.
Special thanks to  The Sexual Rights Centre for sharing this content with us

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