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Decomposed Bitterly- An exhibition about women and their art

Nompumelelo’s current research focused on women who are killed and their bodies merely lie ‘Decomposed Bitterly’ (a reference to the concept of Human Traffic).

She says:  ‘I use my body as subject matter. In the images shown I dig my own grave, and die for all women that are killed. This is an ongoing series. Hope my work conveys the bitterness within sharp tools men use to kill, hurt, destroy and rip souls!’

This Exhibition is about women and their art and embracing womanhood in art.

This is done by documenting the art movements of today’s contemporary modern styles and techniques whilst also focusing on a lesbian artist. This exhibition speaks to contemporary academic history of women artists in South Africa, and promotes a learning curve which hopefully leads to new female master artists, and new value and admiration for art by women.

Taking photography as a heeling process, video art and writing. The documenting of artists and their movements in order to expose also showcase the challenges, successes faced by artist with the role of ‘the arts’ in our society today

Nompumelelo was born in 1987 in South Africa. She started painting professionally after matriculating, inspired by the tribal Koma Initiation, which also informs her art movement. She developed her abstract styles of painting and using everyday mediums like charcoal, teabags, coffee, and any waste material she finds useful that could leave a mark, residue or color.  Before she moved to Limpopo were she discovered her path in learning different cultures and exhibited in various venues such as the Polokwane Art Museum, University of Limpopo, and Limpopo Arts & Culture Association (LACA). 

She produced 2 Documentaries on Art movements, one of them showcasing a 3Day Workshop which took place at the University of Limpopo mid July 2009. Nompumelelo has also been involved in various mural projects in Limpopo Province in 2010. She took part in the Narrative Workshop that had an influence on Agriculture Students at the University of Limpopo. 

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