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Ten Confessions of a Demisexual

By ‘Aimee’ Demisexuality: A person who does not experience sexual attraction until they form a strong emotional connection with someone, often in a romantic relationship.

Confession #1:

I can’t hold legitimate conversations with my friends about relationships and sex because they just aren’t the same for me.

Confession #2:

My involuntary celibacy is a side effect of my Demisexuality.

Confession #3:

My need for intellectual and emotional gratification is stronger than my sexual desire especially when it comes to consummating that desire with a stranger.

Confession #4: 

As a Demisexual, lonely can be bitter, lonely can be sweet

Confession #5:

Demisexual thought!!!

“Why did she want to have sex right after we cuddled and talked for a couple hours without establishing the guidelines for a relationship???”

Confession #6: 

My lack of a partner leads me to overindulge in internet porn and junk food.

Confession #7:

Over-analyzing about whether that young woman from Yale University you meet at a conference is romantically compatible with you while you’re trying to have an intellectual conversation about corporate social responsibility just kills the connection!!!

Confession #8: 

Graduating from college as a single Demisexual Lesbian virgin makes for interesting discussions at the club!!!

Confession #9:

Where does the “D” go in LGBTQI?

Confession #10:

The more questions I ask the more questions I have, mostly because I lack community.

For more information about Demisexuality, Asexuality and other Grey-A identities please visit AVEN. Also contact us if you need to be connected to communities where you are – holaafricaonline@gmail.com

7 comments on “Ten Confessions of a Demisexual

  1. MJ Aliya

    I am the same way. It is frustrating at times it feels like what I desire is so out of reach. A true connection where intimacy precedes sexuality

  2. Mpho

    OMG!I think I’m demisexual

    • HOLAA!

      Glad this post shed some light on things…

  3. Sweetnes

    Wow! finally a word that describes me…
    Confession #3 🙂

  4. sanemiya

    “Why did she want to have sex right after we cuddled and talked for a couple hours without establishing the guidelines for a relationship???” – always felt like that

  5. sylvia

    Confession #6 and #9

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