A PanAfricanist Queer Womanist Collective

This Season it’s for “DOIN’ YOU”

Do You

Ok so we’re done with the feelings… well the romantic ones anyway ( unless you fancy yourself the next Lord Byron). This time around we want you know who YOU are and how you express yourself. It’s the season of swag, mojo, moguls and mavericks.

It’s the season of You Doin’ You.

What’s your thing? Are you a mother, diaspora darling, daughter or dyke? Are you a pharmacist, farmer, fashionista or a femme? Are you a beat boxing banker butch or the baddest bisexual on the continent? Are you a quirky Queer casanova or a fierce gender warrior? A mountain climber, the dopest poeta or the best p**** eater in the city? Or are you NONE or ALL of the above and MORE?


All Afro-Queers have some pretty slick individuality going on so let us know how you define it, what it means to you and how you navigate all of your fabulous “You-ness”. It’s about identity people!

Reach deep and send us anything! Diary entries, free writes, not-so-fictional stories, prose, poems, rants, confessions, affirmations and/ or images. As long as it is about acknowledging and celebrating who and what you are about we’re down!

Remember that we welcome pen names and submissions in all languages spoken on the African continent.

So if you identify as a Queer African Woman write for us!

Submit your work to holaafricaonline@gmail.com and let’s get jiggy 🙂

I look how I want

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