A PanAfricanist Queer Womanist Collective

HOLAA is asking you to share your mind…

Ladies, women, females (and all persons in between) it is time to write for HOLAA!  The pieces people have already given us are gorgeous. Now we need a new wave of contributions in ANY language. Thank you for the love and support you have given the site so far. Quite a few of you have visited HOLAA and liked the links now you can be ON the pages. We need you to write about anything, love, life, sex, school, work, family, friends. It can be funny, sad, short or long. HOLAA is asking you to write and share whatever you want to with Africa and with the world. Send us anything from poems, shorts stories, pictures, journal entries or blog posts. Send us those things you have been scared to share or wanting to share but not knowing where. That is why we are here. We also welcome contributions in any language. This site is for you to read and share with the world.

Send us in any pieces you want to share on holaafricaonline@gmail.com or inbox me entries. We can print your piece under another name if you want and put links to your blog if you have one. You reserve all rights.

So stop looking at the funky picture and send in your pieces now.

HOLAA! back at us.

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Stroll Through Time

October 2012
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