A PanAfricanist Queer Womanist Collective

All of the Things Women Do.

By Kagure

‘I love women, they do things to me’.

Truer words were never spoken.

“What do women do in bed? Doesn’t it get boring?’ Senseless questions that need a sensual answer.
How can you not quiver when you think of all the things a woman can do?
How can you not want to spend that extra moment of longing whilst you think and imagine of the tastes and sounds and visuals that come with two women clutching, writhing, moaning, scratching, bonding…coming.

Women kiss. The kiss that deep longing kiss where the moistness from her lips causes you to become damp on yours. Both sets. Where her tongue sliding into yours is met with a moan and a longing.

Women touch. But touch comes in so many forms. Her hands as she runs hands over my back, my ass. Runs them over my breasts as I anticipate her taking me and doing what she wants to me. Her tongue caresses my nipple and I use every core muscle I have to offer myself to her mouth. As she strokes my thighs and I lie with my legs open wanting to swallow her offering whole but all she gives is little taste.

Dipping her fingers in, my entrance so shallow. When she’s behind me. Bringing me to my, knees physically and emotionally.  Controlling the pleasure I am allowed to feel. Grabbing at my waist, ass, hips. Taking you to the brink while holding my hips so tightly that she stops me tipping over the edge.

Women come. They come bucking and clawing at the sheets. Screaming into the pillow so your roommate so as not expose the nature of what we do. Shivering as the climax climbs through every inch of her causing her mind to evacuate the earthquake that is her body. Her breasts rising and falling with the shortness of her breath, her mouth slightly open.  Her vagina wet and my mind flooded with the view before me. Not sure if I came until she reaches down and tastes me. Two fingers worth and I shudder.

And when you lie there, unable to move. The moment throbbing in your mind. And she calls you back from the depths of my memory by enclosing my clitoris in the warmth of her mouth and beckoning me to create new flights of fantasy.

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21 comments on “All of the Things Women Do.

  1. N'damani

    As I know that few hours are not enough, to caress every single part of a woman the way it royally deserves; kagure you perfectly described the way I savour my woman so thank you!! Not an inch of her delicious body is left jealous and I must say that when this trembling moment of our carnal “conversation” is arriving, I can not find any word delicious enough to draw this pleasure! it can even be a dolorous pleasure as you don’t want to stop when she’s is on the edge of climax; I want to give her more, always; and the scratches are my best witnesses of my “selfishness”!!

  2. opara Tessy

    i lov lesbianism for real,and i lov evry one into it..please b faithful to ur pateners.i lov u all.

  3. Lolli

    omg! i must say i didnt know the piece was urs wen i read it. but i found it to b quite enticing…….i want one of those!!!!

    • Lollie

      super shocked u wrote this tho….well not that shocked

  4. HOLAA!

    Glad you all enjoyed it! Thanks for all the comments guys! And women are just…yes.

  5. dykeroadbaby

    “I love women, they do things to me”- That is all!

  6. glado

    i love me a woman’s touch….it makes my heart skip a beat and my body tinge.. beautiful piece.

  7. kok

    short of words

  8. HOLAA!

    Its best to just get into it. as soon as possible. Glad you guys liked the piece!

  9. Cathy


  10. Jo Anna

    I want to run home now for her. Glad it’s now 5pm.

  11. GraceMartini


  12. this left me drooling,nipples longing for her……..

  13. Reblogged this on notsorandomhomosapien.

  14. Sandiso

    oh my wetness!This is literature.

    • K

      Very appropriate response!

      • Amelia Queerhart


    • Sweetnes

      I know right??

  15. Lesley

    Anyone who asks this question “What do women do in bed? Doesn’t it get boring?’ is the one who is boring…..no imagination!!!!

  16. aaruekpo@yahoo.com

    O M G…………this made ma nipples hard as pebbles
    My pussy became so wet and tingly I have to force myself not to put 2 fingers in. Uhhhhhh that was hot

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