A PanAfricanist Queer Womanist Collective

Call for Poets for Poetry Jam Recording

Poetry Jam Recording

Dearest friends, honorary and fellow literaries as well as budding expressionists and activists…

Our wonderful inspiration, mentor and friend Zanele Muholi, is offering to provide us with a platform to showcase the work of our hearts and minds put down on paper, spoken into mics as well as presented on stages with audience.

We are looking for as many possible artists of a lyrical performance nature aka poets, Emcees, motivational and empowering and protestant speeches; all that would be celebratory and showcasing our talents and gifts.

If ten tracks are placed, it is enough to make an album. If more than ten, even a double album may be achieved, otherwise collaborations can also be made. Let’s do the deeds, write some poems, jot down some rhymes, spread our words of wisdom and get it out to the masses.
It’s a platform people, let’s do it for our activists, our deceased loved ones and surviving fellow queers that have been brutalized in the name of love and a label. Let’s climb out of the limitations that these labels and boxes have placed us in, show our capabilities in their truest sense, not only against defending how ‘normal’ we possibly are. This is in life, peace, unity, remembrance and celebration of love and that which we have been blessed with. It will consist of our creations being recorded in a professional sound studio, as well as videos being made on a stage setup that will be shot and assisted by Zanele Muholi herself. Dress and perform according to the complete dream of how you would perform given the visual opportunity.

So write a poem about how you love your partner, a poem about how we currently uphold the nature of Ubuntu (collective consciousness), how we currently embody the power of unity and how it is we live the change we want to see in the world. Speak in the voices of those you know need recognition, those who have gone unheard and you yourself in what is intrinsic to your being in the celebration of life. Dates of recording in studio and filming of performances will be confirmed once everybody’s schedules are aligned accordingly.

If interested and time allowing for you to participate in this album recording, kindly alert Christie van Zyl: 0736475776 / christiechrismy101@gmail.com. Kindly send your confirmation in participation with details of name and surname and the genre of work you will participate in; as well how a rough routine of how your schedule looks.

HOLAA! back at us.

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