A PanAfricanist Queer Womanist Collective


By Yolanda S.
I am a lover and not a fighter. I love love and enjoy being in love.

I believe in the true elements and fundamentals of love and respect the fact that one should not “admit impediments as love is not love which alters when it alteration finds, or bends with the remover to remove as it is an ever fixed mark that dwells on tempest and is never shaken”, as Shakespeare suggested.

Love is multi dimensional and there are many reasons why we love the people we do the way we love them and some reasons are unexplainable.

I have asked a couple of my friends what love really is, I mean when you say that you love somebody what is it that you really love and I received different answers from those that could actually answer the question.

Basically, loving someone means that you are willing to do everything and anything for a person and that may be perceived as a weakness and one should always be aware as there are some individuals out there who take it upon themselves to abuse the goodness of other peoples’ hearts.

Love is also that feeling of joy one feels deep down in their heart just by thinking of a certain individual; almost as if the heart sinks. It is the feeling of always wanting to take care of your loved one and ensuring that they are always happy.
When you love somebody you love everything about that person and see everything about them under a positive light. You are always wishing the best for them and have their best intentions at heart.
There are different kinds of love and one can sometimes be at a dilemma of loving various people at a time as there are different traits we love about certain individuals.
Falling in love varies in degrees from one individual to the next. For other it happens at first some and for some it is a maturing process.
How can one tell when they are in love? Well, you may basically do what lovers do.

Calling your partner and being on the phone for long hours, always wanting to spend time with you partner, going on dates, buying gifts and if you are not with your partner, you are thinking of her or even worse, talking about her to whoever is willing to listen. Yes, that is when you are totally “whipped”.

Essentially, what I am trying to prove here is that gay/lesbians are human too, are not weirdos, are in touch with their emotions and are very much capable of loving just like any other person and when they love they really can make you feel special.
If society could understand that then we would move in a positive direction of tolerance and acceptance.

HOLAA! back at us.

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